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Alpha Chi

Alpha Chi is a national scholastic honor society that promotes and recognizes scholarships across the curriculum. Students attend national and regional conferences to present papers. Membership is restricted to the top 5% of the junior class and the top 10% of the senior class.

Advisor:  Dr. David Jones

Alpha Mu Gamma
Alpha Mu Gamma is a national collegiate foreign language honorary society which promotes the study of foreign languages and cultures. Students are accepted as full members after having completed two upper-division foreign language courses with the grade of "A," and as associate members after having completed one such course with the grade of "A." The Club also accepts speakers of languages other than English as honorary members. Alpha Mu Gamma sponsors various speakers and forums to promote international understanding on campus and in the world at large.

Advisor: Dr. Judy Schaneman

Beta Beta Beta
National biology honor society that seeks to recognize scholarship of top biology students and broaden the members' knowledge of biology and related fields.  Regular membership is open for students who have attained sophomore standing and have completed three or more semesters of biological courses with at least a 3.0 GPA in those courses.   Associate membership is open to all students with an interest in biology.  

Advisor:  Dr. Jeffrey Mayne

Eta Sigma Phi

Eta sigma Phi is a national collegiate honor society whose purposes are "to develop and promote interest in classical study among the students of colleges and universities; to promote closer fraternal relationship among students who are interested in classical study, including inter-campus relationship; to engage general in an effort to stimulate interest in classical study, and in the history, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome." Membership into the society is given to those who have completed one course at the advanced level Latin and/or Ancient Greek courses, while obtaining a "B or better in the course(s).

Student Contact: Jack Easterly
Advisor: Victor Leuci

FMA National Honor Society 

FMA is an international professional organization comprised of a global network of financial executives, analysts, professors and  students. Founded in 1970 FMA has become the global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision making. The newly founded chapter at Westminster College seeks to educate its members in developing professional business/career contacts and skills in the field of finance, investment banking, investment management, consulting, capital markets.

Membership in the FMA National Honor Society is reserved to students who have:

- A 3.25 Overall GPA or 3.25 GPA in finance & related coursework
- Completed a minimum of  six (6) hours of finance
- Attained junior or senior class standing

Student Contact: Paul Stefanescu at stefanps@westminster-mo.edu
Advisor: Asma Sawani

Gamma Theta Upsilon 

Geography Honor Society established in 2005.
Student Contact:  Brad Popejoy
Advisor:  Alan Goldin

Kappa Delta Pi 

International honorary education fraternity.  In order to be considered for membership at the undergraduate level, one must be of junior standing, be recognized as having high professional standards and have achieved at least a 3.25 GPA in all courses.

Advisor:  Dr. Michael Tan from William Woods University and Dr. Linda Aulgur from Westminster College

Omicron Delta Kappa
Omicron Delta Kappa, otherwise known as ODK, is the national Leadership Society for college students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni that recognizes and encourages superior scholarship, leadership, and exemplary character. The National Leadership Honor Society was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. The Alpha Tau circle of ODK began at Westminster in 1935. The society emphasizes exemplary character in five areas of college life including scholarship, athletics, campus or community service, journalism, and speech, and the creative and performing arts. Our ODK circle partners with the Center for Leadership and Service to assist with leadership programming and activities on campus.

Advisor:  Angela Grogan
Faculty Secretary: Carolyn Perry

Phi Alpha Delta 

Unites students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; stimulates excellence in scholarship; inspires the virtues of compassion and courage; fosters integrity and professional competence; promotes the welfare of its members; and encourages their moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement. 

Advisor: Dr. John Langton

Phi Alpha Theta 

The International Honor Society in History, was organized at the University of Arkansas on March 17, 1921. This is a professional society whose purpose is to promote the study of History through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians.

Student Contact: Ashton Ellett
Advisor:  Seulky McInneshin

Pi Mu Epsilon
A national honorary mathematical fraternity which promotes mathematics and its applications in the community at large. Members may present papers at meetings of the Mathematical Association of America. Membership is open to students who have taken courses mathematics through Calculus II with a "B" average or better, and are in the top academic third of their class.

Psi Chi 

Psi Chi is national honorary society that recognizes the scholarship of top psychology students and attempts to broaden members' knowledge of psychology and related fields. Membership is limited to students who have obtained a "B" average in at least nine hours of psychology courses and who are among the top one-third of their academic class.

Student Contact: Jessica Lang
Advisor: Dr. Ted Jaeger

Phi Sigma Alpha 

Pi Sigma Alpha is the national honor society in political science was founded in Austin, Texas in 1920.  The Psi Epsilon chapter was founded on the Westminster campus in 2000.  Students must have a minimum of 10 credit hours of coursework (which includes at least three courses) in political science and one of those courses must be an upper-division course taken beyond the sophomore level.  In these courses, students must have a 3.3 GPA.  They must also have a 3.0 GPA overall and be found in the top third of their respective class.  All students who meet the criteria stated above are eligible for membership.

Advisor:  Dr. Tobias Gibson

Phi Sigma Tau 

The national philosophy honor society, aspires to promote ties among philosophy departments and students in philosophy nationally. Both on the local and national levels, Phi Sigma Tau considers its organization as intrumental for developing and honoring academic excellence as well as philosophical interest. Part of its goal it to heighten awareness and interest in philosophical issues and people’s desire to live examined lives.
Student Contact: 

Faculty Advisor:  Rich Geenen

Sigma Tau Delta 

Sigma Tau Delta is an International Honorary English Fraternity, which confers distinction upon students for high achievement in English. Membership is restricted to those who have a major or minor in English, have a 3.5 average in his or her English classes, rank at least in the highest 35 percent of class in general scholarship, and have completed at least three semesters of college work.

President: Laura Messer
Faculty Advisor: Theresa Adams  

 Theta Alpha Kappa

Theta Alpha Kappa is an honor society of professors and students whose purpose is to further the study of religion at the undergraduate and graduate level. Westminster’s Alpha Gamma Gamma chapter provides opportunities for open discussion on campus of the world’s religions.

Advisor: Dr. Bill Young